Microscope Stages: Fast Piezo Focus Systems

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PIFOC® Piezo Collar Objective Z-Scanners

PI provides a large variety of fast objective lens positioners (Z-motors, piezo collars), and piezo z-stages (slide-scanners, sample scanners) for deconvolution and 3D imaging (Z-stack acquisition) and fast focusing applications.

Why Choose PI Z-Scanners?
PI's piezo-actuated Z-scanners typically achieve 10 times higher focusing speed & precision than classical motorized drives.

Compatible with All Major Image Acquisition Packages
PIFOC« controllers come with a high-bandwidth analog interface for extremely fast response and compatibility with all major image acquisition packages.

New Lower Cost Fast Piezo Focus Packages with Digital Control & Software
For the most commonly used travel ranges and objective diameters, PI has now put together lower cost PIFOC« packages with a new compact digital controller and software. Datasheet: PIFOC« Fast Piezo Focus Systems
These systems also integrate seamlessly with the Focus TracÖ Laser Autofocus systems.
Fastest Piezo-Focusing Objective Z-PositionerTravel [Ám] Sensor
P-726 P-726 PIFOC« high-dynamic piezo focusing Z scanner for heavy objectives, direct metrology. 100 Capacitive
Long Travel Objective Z-PositionerTravel [Ám] Sensor
N-725 N-725 Longest travel Lens Positioner. 2 mm ideal for Two-Photon Microscopy.
PiezoWalk Motor Drive.
2000 Incremental
P-725 long travel microscope objective positioner P-725 PIFOC« Z objective piezo nanofocusing system, compact, light-weight, long travel ranges, QuickLock mounting system, direct metrology. 100, 250, 400 Capacitive
P-725 high dynamics positioner P-725
High dynamics 400Ám objective piezo nanofocusing system. Extra stiff design for large objectives and high dynamics, fast step & settle, QuickLock mounting system, direct capacitive metrology. 120Hz resonant frequency, with 400g objective, resulting in 20msec step-and-settle 20 with that load. 400 Capacitive
Standard Objective PositionersTravel [Ám] Sensor
P-721 P-721.CDQ
PIFOC« Z objective piezo focusing system, very fast and accurate, with QuickLock mounting system, direct metrology. 100 Capacitive / SGS
P-725.XDD P-725.XDD PIFOC« Z nanopositioning and scanning system for microscope objectives, direct metrology. 20 Capacitive / SGS
P-720 P-720 PIFOC« Z objective piezo nanofocusing system, very compact, without sensors. 100 -
Special & Custom StagesTravel [Ám] Sensor
Custom Nosepiece P-915K Microscope nosepiece nanopositioner, compact design, sub-nanometer resolution 80 -
P-721K P-721K Power-PIFOC® microscope turret piezo nanopositioner. High-load capacity, capacitive feedback 150 -
P-915K P-915K Low-profile piezo objective scanner for high scanning frequencies 75 -
Well Plate Z-StageTravel [Ám] Sensor
P-737 P-737 PIFOC« Z-axis microscopy piezo focussing stage for high-resolution sample positioning and scanning 100, 250, 500 Ám SGS
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